Norway Grants - Green Industry Innovation Programme


  1. Financial Mechanism Office (FMO) - Bruxelles

Tasks: support the donor state and primary contact point for Beneficiary Stares in the operative implementation of the Financial Mechanism


  1. National Focal Point (FP)

Prime Minister’s Office

Tasks: overall responsibility for the implementation of the programmes, appointment of Programme Operators, supervision of the realisation of programmes, set up the Monitoring Committee, establishment of the institutional, financial and procedures rules relating to the use of grants


  1. Program Operator (PO)

Szent István University: relating to Green industry innovation programme

Tasks: check of the professional content of applications and projects, assistance in partner searching, programme planning and implementation of the programme, contracting, check of payment requests, monitoring visits, establishment and maintenance of the application system, handling irregularities, tasks relating to publicity, providing information about the programme.


  1. Implementing Agency (IA)

International Development and Fund Coordinating Agency (IDEFA)

Tasks: answering the questions of applicants and project promoters, submission of applications, formal end eligibility check of applications, reception of project interim reports and payment requests, preparation of grant transfers, conduct irregularity procedures, on the spot checks, monitoring visits.


  1. Donor Program Partner (DPP)

Innovation Norway: regarding green industry innovation programme

Tasks: Intergovernmental organisation appointed by the donor state, taking part in the preparation and implementation of the programme with advisory capacity.


  1. Cooperation Committee (CC)

Tasks: Advisory body supporting the preparation and implementation of the programme. Members: PO, DPP, and other organisations asked by the PO.


  1. Certifying Authority: State Treasury

Tasks: Transferring the grants to FP, providing data to door state, checking the PO-s and IA.


  1. Audit Authority: Directorate General for Audit of European Funds (DGAEF)

Tasks: Checking of audit trail, preparation of auditing strategy, providing data to donor state.